When you’re searching for a suitable place to buy a house for investment and holiday purpose, you need to check out the location, local benefits, real estate value and such other factors to decide. Different countries have different benefits and drawbacks associated with their real estate properties. Panama is the best location for North American people who want to invest in a cheaper but awesome location to enjoy their holidays in. If you need first world amenities along with sophisticated infrastructure, money value, this is one of the top real estate hotspot you would ever get. It’s cheap as you can afford big luxuries for a little amount of money there. It’s the perfect location to buy a holiday home for you in 2016. If you’re looking to buy property in Panama, Erick Jimenez could definitely be your best available property consultant in Panama. When I was searching for a property consultant, I had some specific factors to judge a property consultant and he was one of the best property consultants I met in Panama. Here is the main reason why I chose Erick Jimenez as my property consultant:

  1. Local Real Estate Knowledge

Erick Jimenez knows his neighbourhood like the back of his palm. Do you know why only a few property consultants rule the market while the rest compete for breadcrumbs? The reason is pretty simple and straightforward as these individuals know about properties in their neighbourhood very intimately and Erick Jimenez in Panama is the best one when it comes to local real estate knowledge. He comes to be known as neighbourhood experts only as he can show more properties with features in the minds of the clients in target areas than other property consultants.