No matter in which profession you’re, we all have started from a certain point and no matter how many influential contacts you might have in your respective field, you have to work hard for success. People around you carry the impression that all property consultants are same. Thus the property consultants you choose to help you buy or sell a property doesn’t make a difference. But the difference between two property consultants can be as great as a chalk and cheese and this is what you must try to convey to your client when you become a property consultants.

There are some professions where you need to work very hard if you’re a newbie. Real estate industry is one of such industries where real estate property consultants face severe issues and eventually get disappointed and leave the real estate industry forever. However, what they don’t know is that there are always some ways to fix professional issues as a newbie. Erick Jimenez, who is a property consultant in Panama, shares various reasons why new property consultants struggle in real estate industry:

  1. No Personal Branding

This is the most important factor that can change your career as a real estate property consultants in short term but most of the new property consultants are unable to achieve that. Only personal branding has the ability to establish you as a distinguished property consultants in front of other property consultants. You can use social media for online personal branding whereas for your offline brand presence, you have to be popular and show people your worth by working in the real estate industry practically.

  1. They Are Not Good at Advice

People always look for a no nonsense approach form their property consultants while being friendly to them. They want their property consultants to think of ways to save their hard earned money. If you can develop your image as a property consultant who works hard in the interest of his clients, you are not far from success. Just remember that your image and reputation reach every place faster than you.

  1. Not Have Much Convincing Power

They are unable to convince their customers to count on them and trust them as they have the right skills for the real estate industry. This is an important aspect to ask yourself if you are serious about becoming a top producing property consultant. Your image or how your prospective customers see you as an individual matters a lot if you want to climb the ladder of success as a property consultant.

  1. Lack of Patience and Professionalism

When you’re in a real estate industry as a property consultant, you have to show patience and professionalism especially at the start to create your strong image in front of your clients. However, most of the newbie property consultants don’t have such patience and professionalism at the start and end up compromising their image as a property consultant.