Erick Jimenez Costa Rica

4 Secrets of Erick Jimenez’s Success as a Property Consultant in Costa Rica

Certified professional, experienced, having real estate knowledge and good references etc may be considered basics to get success as a property consultant in Costa Rica. However, Erick Jimenez introduced himself as a distinguished property consultant in Costa Rica whose approach is not limited to basics but he also goes more than his role as a property consultant to help investors and people who are interested in purchasing properties in Costa Rica. Here is a brief list of how Erick Jimenez gradually became popular as one of the best property consultants in Costa Rica:

  1. Never say no to a deal

This is the golden rule to become a top producing realtor. Of course you are right in your view when you expect a fat commission or fee from a case when you become a famous realtor but there are some cases where you agree to provide services not because of money but because of anticipation of bigger deals. So do not turn down a deal only because the client is not giving you your set commission. But you may get a lot of business from this client in near future to compensate for any loss of profit in this case.

  1. Maintain your connections with your clients

Many realtors forget their clients after the completion of all the formalities in buying or selling properties for them. This is criminal on the part of the realtor though it is common for the client to not remember the realtor once he has bought the property that he wanted. It has been observed that past clients provide nearly 10% of the business to successful realtors. This is because top realtors maintain their friendly relations with their client s and keep in touch all the time. This is the reason why these clients remember the name of this realtor whenever they or any of their friends need to buy or sell a property.

  1. Never Hesitate to Share Useful Information

Never hesitate to send useful information about properties to your clients even though they ostensibly do not need to sell or buy a property. These notifications often pay rich dividends to realtors as they get business from their existing clients or their friends.

  1. Gifting your clients to generate business

The role of gifts as a tool of promotion has been acknowledged by experts in every industry and the business of real estate is no different. In fact, gifting has been found to be very effective in this field. Do not forget your prospective clients as you give away gifts and souvenirs to your existing clients. After all, they are more important for you as they are yet to purchase or sell a property utilizing your services. Further, these prospects are not really thinking about getting a gift and you rise above your competitors who are not resorting to giving away gifts to clients.