My Personal Experience with Jimmy Wellborn, a Property Consultant, in Panama

Recently, I went to Panama for some property investment on long term basis and I was in dire need of a professional property and investment consultant who won’t only inform me about the real estate investment in the region but also offer me professional consultancy as to how I can make my investment risk-free in Panama as I won’t be able to visit the region again and again to sort out the issues property investors usually have related to properties.

My Experience with Jimmy Wellborn

Luckily, one of my friends in Panama introduced me to a guy name James Wellborn, a professional property and investment consultant. He is well-reputed in the region for his property consultant services and after a while, I really got to know why my friend recommended. Let me give you people his short introduction.

Jimmy Wellborn – Professional Property Consultant

He has been working as a professional property consultant for a number of years. He currently lives in David, Panama. He is originally from Destin & Miramar Beach, Florida. He also offers investment and developer consultant services in addition to his property consultant services. As he is the owner of several properties in the region too, so he seems like the best person to ask about the real estate investment market conditions and how should people do it risk-free.

Whether some people like it or not, I always like to check the credibility of a property consultant. The first thing, I would like to see whether he/she is a a professional property consultant or not. Licensed realtor or not is not the main question. One of the imperative things that you will need to look at, is, does he/she know the market and the region? Jimmy is a 100% man of his words and at the time we met, he not only showed me beautiful properties and investment possibilities, he also invited me to experience the place, to breath the Panamanian Air . However, upon my own impression and my friend’s recommendation, Jimmy Wellborn is definitely an honest and well reputed property consultant in Panama.

He always answers all my queries related to property investment

Not all consultants are created equal. This becomes clear when a client starts to ask questions about a property, its features, and the owner of the property. Ordinary property consultants become irritated and feel frustrated when they cannot answer all the questions posed by a client. But Jimmy Wellborn answers to all my property or investment related queries. He can also explain every single step that they are taking during the buying or selling of a property to satisfy me. This is what makes him one of the best property consultant in town and also different from ordinary real estate experts. If you hire such an intelligent and experienced consultant who can answer all your queries, you’re most likely to invest your money in the best place and this is what I think I have just done when I consulted Jimmy.

He Has Top Class Connections in the Property Market

Jimmy has developed very strong and powerful contacts as he is working for a number of years in the region. His network of individuals is so effective that he gets all information that he needs to know about real estate condition in town. He also has a few important connections in every department of the government to make sure that the process of buying or selling a property never becomes troublesome for his clients. The reason why his network works like a well oiled machine is because he cares for the individuals in his network and keeps them happy by obliging them.

His top class was also a confirmation for me that I got the right man to consult and to get better investment opportunities in Panama. I think, it is actually a reality check that will tell you that your property consultant is capable of working in the system or not.

He is Advanced and Tech-Savvy

One of the things I often have to face is that most of the real estate agents or property consultants are not tech savvy. However, I think, if one has a strong desire to be a top property consultant or real estate expert, he or she needs to embrace the latest technology and gadgets. That’s what I actually find in James Wellborn.  He does not only use latest smartphones and tablets but also subscribe to various data plans and high speed internet to be in the loop all the time. Such property consultants are so smart and efficient that they do not rely upon paper to remember the details about a property or a client.

Jimmy Wellborn – A Man of His Word and a True Professional

Overall, it was a great working with James Wellborn and I highly recommended Jimmy if you’re intending to make property investment in Panama and looking for some professional, well-reputed and experienced property owner and property consultant there.